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All Remo drums are made of sustainable, high-quality material. Remo heads, like their drum counterparts, are made from highly-durable Mylar plastic. The shells are made of the patented, sustainably-produced wood composite Acousticon ®. This innovative material offers the best of both worlds: the stability and moisture resistance of plastic with the feel and sound of wood.



REMO Festival

Handy and diverse with an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

With the Festival series, Remo paid special attention to affordable prices without sacrificing their usual high quality. The five different drum types offer a wide range of coordinated sounds, from the deep Bass Drum to the high Doumbek.

The pre-tuned, maintenance-free FlipTop drumheads are easy to remove and replace. In addition, they ensure space-saving storage and transportation.

The new Festival series is THE new tool for drum circles and education.

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REMO Versa

The Remo Versa series offers a globally unique level of diversity and flexibility.

There are three drum types in three sizes, each with four possible head tunings. This is only possible with the extremely lightweight Remo Versa series, which is in Tubano, Djembe or Timbau, 13 ", 11" or 9 ", in high, medium, low or comfort sound tuning.

In addition, the different drum sizes allow the drums to nest in each other, making them the perfect tool for drum circles and education.

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REMO Rhythm Club

Drumming fun for children at a small price.

The Remo Rhythm Club series boasts low price and good quality with all the usual Remo features. Both the exterior design and the structure of the instruments make them extremely accessible to children. The fixed, pre-tuned skins make any maintenance by the user unnecessary.

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REMO Kid's Percussion

The best sound for the next generation of musicians.

The Kid's Percussion Series makes no compromises in sound and quality. In addition to the appealing, child-friendly design, special care was taken to transfer all sonic features of the "big" instruments 1: 1. And that's not the only reason why seasoned musicians often also enjoy the sound and playability of the instruments.

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REMO Tunable

The highest quality for the highest demands.

All tunable series’ of Remo World Percussion meet the highest quality standards. All heads are interchangeable and very easy to tune via their mechanical tuning system; there are no complex rope bindings. Simply use the tuning key to create the right pitch for the drums.

The timeless designs and enormous durability make every instrument a purchase for a lifetime.

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