MUSIC STYLE: Drum Circles
INSTRUMENTS: REMO World Percussion


Roland has been a global citizen and a "drummer" since his childhood. For 12 years he lived on three continents outside Europe. He is an enthusiastic drummer and percussionist and has been for 25 years. He has been educated, partly on site, in Cuban, South American and West African drum culture.

He taught at a music school in the USA for five years as a trained drum teacher, this is where he had his first experiences with drum circles. This later led to drum studies with Arthur Hull. From his early years of drum training, he could see the great potential that drums offer the world. Therefore, it made sense that he next chose to study music therapy and to be trained as a systemic therapist.

Since 2018, Roland has held a monthly local Open Community Drum Circle. In addition, he was able to gain experience with Drum Circles in different contexts: teambuilding events in companies, clinics, social institutions, at private events and with refugees. About 500 people participated in his largest Drum Circle.

Cultural, generational, social and hierarchical differences can be overcome. The result is a rousing experience in which people find each others through rhythm - a catalyst for group processes!

VMC Graduated Facilitator