MUSIC STYLE: Drum Circles
INSTRUMENTS: REMO World Percussion


Ben (actually Benjamin) says he can do two things relatively well; playing the drums and teaching.

He has also done both for a long time. His step into the world of the drum circle by Arthur Hull has changed everything. The teacher has become a facilitator.

At first the Drum Circle was another way to earn money but it soon became much more. The idea of recreational drumming became Ben's passion; the attitude of a facilitator to his attitude to life.

Ben had the opportunity to learn from the best. And his learning is far from over.

Ben is now part of Arthur Hull's international coaching team and this allows him to train new DC facilitators in Arthur's name. The facilitator has become a bit of a teacher again.

Additionally, he is not only a Remo-endorsed facilitator, but he now works directly for GEWA Music GmbH, the largest European Remo distribution partner, as a manager for active music making. One of his core tasks here is networking and supporting the German and European drum circle scene.

Not an unpleasant job :-)

VMC Graduate, Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator, Certified VMC Trainer