MUSIC STYLE: Drum Circles
INSTRUMENTS: REMO World Percussion


Martin's life revolves around two great passions: people and music.

In search of a connecting element between his work with people (as a trained social pedagogue) and his love of music (as an enthusiastic drummer), he found that Drum Circles were the perfect answer.

After his first chance contact with this, his first attempts as a facilitator soon followed. An apprenticeship as a "rhythm trainer" and drum circle training with Arthur Hull and Ben Flohr form a solid foundation for his work today.

Martin Glück wants to share his passion for music with the world through workshops and drum circles. He wants to move people, to bring them together in rhythm and to create a feeling of connection and community.

In education and social work, in the workplace or in his free time at the Open Community Drum Circle, ‘Rhythm Works’ is what he stands for.

VMC Graduated Facilitator