MUSIC STYLE: Drum Circle, Health Rhythms
INSTRUMENTS: REMO World Percussion


Philipp has been a rhythm-maker for his whole life.

But before this passion became his way of life, he was first into acting. Philipp did street theatre and was always in direct contact with people.

Rhythm was also a part of this: one of Philipp’s most successful characters was ‘Stäx – the rhythmic clown’. And this is where it happened; here he discovered the drum circle for himself…by accident. Stäx played and grooved and somehow a few instruments found their way into the audience. There it was. The first little drum circle.

Since that first moment, Philipp has undergone various training, obviously including that of Arthur Hull, and has designed his own concept for the Open Community Drum Circle: the Crazy Rumble Drum Circus (www.crazy-rumble.info). In a charming mixture of a show and a drum circle, Philipp Schaefer leads his audience into the world of rhythm.

VMC Graduate, Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator, TaKeTiNa